Country on My Mind Original Oil Painting


  • 24 x 36 canvas panel
  • oil over textured media
  • painted by Amelia Clark
  • SOLD

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Watch the painting process of Country on My Mind


Country on My Mind is a heavy textured mixed media oil painting by Amelia Clark. The painting is Amelia's experiment into the world of art. With a simple thought of a Sunday afternoon drive in the country, Amelia wanted to the painting to "be so much more". "I wanted people to see the texture, not just imagine it". With simple tools, the painting exhibits extreme textures to the tree roots protruding from the cascades of dirt. The dirt banks made from digging a road through the woods. The tire tracks from wagons and buggies. The leaves on the trees and underbrush to the ruggedness of an old dead tree trunk.  This path is in the minds of many. You have seen it when enjoying a ride in the country.