Yellow Tops by Amelia Clark

Yellow Tops

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Yellow Tops by Amelia Clark

Yellow Tops, my first and only Plein Air painting. Plein Air simply means "painting outdoors".  Gary and I used to fish in an old favorite fishing hole near our home.  As we made our way back from the fishing hole, I would see this scene, the old barns and that old tree. In the spring one year, the yellow top flowers were in full bloom. I had the opportunity to speak to the manager of the place. I asked him if I could paint his barns. He gave me the strangest look and stated paint my barns? I could tell by his look that he thought I wanted to actually paint the barns and not the scene. I quickly cleared him up on the matter and received permission.

I set up my day to paint. I gathered all the required tools and stuff the night before and packed my car.  Around 9 am, I was up and in the painting spirit.  Painting outside is so different.  Light and shadows are constantly changing. The wind can blow your rags and canvas around.  But the atmosphere was wonderful. I could smell outside. The warmth of the sun on my shoulders. As I was enjoying the beauty of the scene, I was also painting the scene. Colors are more true.  The birds singing. Just being outside gave a whole knew meaning to this style of painting.

I would love to do this again, but it seems to get harder and harder to find times to paint and create.  Maybe one day I can find the time. Even if all I can do is sit out in my own yard to paint something.