Beneath the Willows Original Textured Painting
Beneath the Willows Textured Original Painting
Beneath the Willows is a heavily Textured original Mixed Media painting by southern artist, Amelia Clark. The heavily textured painting depicts the beauty of a southern sunset where the sun drops behind the willows. "As I was going to town one evening, just as the sun was sinking beneath the bare willow trees, I saw the most beautiful scene given to me by God. The willow trees had yet to put leaves on the branches so that the trees looked more like sticks intead of trees. I could see the sun where it had set just below the horizon line of the willow tree tops. I wanted to take a picture with my phone, but was not in the position to do so. I just gazed at the scene and tried to etch into my memory every detail." ~Amelia Clark
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