Mississippi History by Amelia Clark

Mississippi History Painting

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I opened my business in May of 1995 officially with my first limited edition print, Mississippi History. The edition size was 500 regular edition with 50 Artist Proofs. The painting itself has a history of its own. In the winter time, God gave me and image to print. That had never happened before. He gave me the image of Mississippi History and He told me what each object represented.  The problem was that the magnolias were a long way off from blooming and internet pictures were sketchy at that time.

I impaitiently waited until the early summer when the magnolias started to bloom. I picked two beautiful blossoms and arranged them in the way that God told me. I set out to paint the scene. I roughed in most everything that day and went to bed. The next morning I learned a valuable lesson. Magnolias die over night. The beautiful creamy white blossoms with such sweet fragrance were as brown as if I had baked them in the oven. The petals were all sprawled out of the scene. But I trusted God and proceeded to paint the magnolias the best way I could remember them. The painting pleased me when it was finished. I was impressed how the magnolias turned out.

With this painting as my first print, my daddy helped me to get a loan to start Amelia Clark Studio. I didn’t know exactly what I would be doing except that I would put Mississippi History into print and get a few framing equipment pieces. In an hot 16 x 20 outback shed, the studio was born. My daddy’s favorite painting was Mississippi History. He died not long after helping me get started. The painting to this day remains in the family and always will. Amelia Clark Studio is 22 years strong. Many aspects of the business have changed, but still has a focus on my art. I will always remember Mississippi History as the painting from God that started it all. The limited editon is sold out and only about 3 of the artist’s proofs remain in the original edition.