Beneath the Willows: The truth behind the painting

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Beneath the Willows Mixed Media painting is one of my latest paintings. I was driving to town one day at dusk as the sun was sitting down for the day. It was early Spring, so the leaves were not yet on the trees. I drove up a hill and as I reached the top, the sun was slightly beneath the willow trees. I could still see the beautiful bight ball of sun hidden by just a few tree trunks and limbs. I pulled over to the side of the road to snap a quick picture with my phone. For whatever reason, my phone was acting up and would not take the picture. I was so upset because I knew this would make a beautiful painting. After a few days, I still had the image etched in my memory. God was most likely the reason behind my phone not working. He showed me the painting, but he wanted me to use my artistic ability in the color department. Many times I just have to let go and let God do the painting. I lose myself in the techniques and the movements of the painting. When I take my breaks, I step back to a canvas full of amazement. I do hope that I have presented to you the beauty of God with this textured painting. I strive to place movement within my art.