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About the artist

Wow! I am very new at "blogging". I am redoing my old website to make it more user friendly and operator friendly. The t shirt part of the website is being moved to my new website  Please note the BIZ on the end of that site. The one site had grown and was becoming harder for this old lady to maintain. In all of the mess, I found a new way to do websites that are sooooo much easier than what I was trying to do. I know there are those out

there that just don't know who Amelia Clark really is. So an introduction is needed.

I was born Sarah Amelia Methvin in the big town of Yazoo City Mississippi. I lived there a long 6 weeks before my parents and brother moved to Vicksburg. I would live there for about 4 years before coming to Grenada Mississippi. The south has and is in my blood. I love the rebel flag, not for racial reasons. I love the beauty of a magnolia and the soft fragrance of a gardenia. I had the chance to participate in Civil War Reenacting. I studied about the dress of the era. I learn to sew my first dress and then dressed out with my daughter at an event. I will tell you that a hoop skirt is not made of the bathroom stalls of today.

I have always let my art lead me. In high school I studied under a very sweet and great artist, Pat Smedly.  She was patient to teach me and also pushed me because she knew that I would some day pursue an art career.  The first years of marriage and having a baby put a halt to my art career. Also, Gary, my husband began fighting a degenerative disease. Through ups and downs, graduation of a child, and some soul searching of my own, art found me again.

I thoroughly believe that the obstacles that kept me from painting were not there by chance. I believe God placed me on hold. It simply was not time to create like He wanted me to create.  My art is spiritual to me. I feel the colors and the texture. I "become" the painting as the process proceeds.  I don't paint to pay bills anymore. I paint for the satisfaction of my soul and if it happens to sell, then so be it.

About the artist

Amelia Clark

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